Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dengue It!

So remember last week, how I said I was super lucky that I hadn't gotten sick? Well my words caught up with me this past week and now I too am sick with none other than the viscous dengue fever. It's absolutely dreadful. Pray that you never get this disease because it just takes a huge toll on the body. Let me explain what my experience was and still continues to be. 

Well it all started Monday night. As I was lying in bed, I realized that I couldn't fall asleep. My body ached and I realized that I had a body temperature of 39.9 degrees Celsius, which is about 103 degrees Fahrenheit. So the fever continued for about 5-6 days. Just throw in excruciating joint pain, rashes on the palms of my hands and bottoms of my feet, and loss of appetite to top off the cake. I've drunk about 12 bottles of gatorade in the past 6 days to keep myself hydrated.

It's been awful. Really. I've never experienced something more dreadful in my entire life. But let me say this. President David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles gave great insight on this sort of matter. He said " and I have the power to choose how we will respond to an offensive or hurtful situation..." Though it may not directly apply, it still has some connection. There are two ways I can react to this sickness. A. I could lie down and give up. I could be angry and frustrated. or B. I could accept that it's happened, learn from it, and wait for it to pass. I would much rather prefer the second. We all have the choice to react to certain stimuli in different ways. So my take on the current situation, why get mad or angry? I mean I can't say that I haven't been frustrated a little bit, but I'm trying to learn and grow from this experience rather than dwell in self-pity. I know that this isn't my fault and I know that the Lord has placed this obstacle in my path for me to learn and grow from. This is probably one of the most trying times of my life and prayers from all of you sure would help. I can't wait to recuperate and get right back to serving the Lord. That's all for now everyone. Take care always :) 

-Elder Bondoc


  1. So sorry about the Dengue-it's a mosquito borne VIRUS and so there's nothing much anyone can do for that except to let it run its course. I am praying for your quick recovery. I know the good Lord is looking out for you! Love, Tita Julie

  2. Dengue- it is right 'Doy! We are all praying for your full
    recovery. I admire your positive attitude and your faith
    in our loving Heavenly Father. I know you will get through
    this challenge and be better for it.

  3. We fasted for you Doy. Praying for your quick recovery. We love you!!