Sunday, September 13, 2015

Recovery and Right Back to Work!

Hello hello hello!

Thank you all so much for all your emails and support! I have all my energy now and am right back to work. Your emails definitely kept my hopes and spirits up. I truly felt the blessings of your prayers. I'm truly blessed! 

So this week was a great week. Yesterday it rained super hard again, so I pulled out my flip flops and tracted again just as I had a couple of weeks ago. Later we went to visit a recent convert family. As we were walking down the muddy path, I tripped and my butt was just covered in mud. It was absolutely hilarious. You should have heard me "wowoahoaogaohaoh." Not a single discernible word came out of my mouth. Just me sliding down this muddy hill on my butt. The best! After not being able to work for a whole week, we were able to go back to all the families that we hadn't visited the past week. It was so nice to see all of them and visit again. As a missionary, it's awful being stuck at home when all you can do is think about the people you're supposed to be visiting. 

So this upcoming week is my last week of my training. For the past three months since July 2, I've been trained by Elder Marquez, a missionary who's been here in the field for a whopping 22 months now! He's such a dedicated missionary, as I've mentioned in other emails. That's the highlight of this week. My trainer. He's shown me the ropes and taught me what it truly means to love the people we meet here on the mission. But that's all for this week. Training flew by and now it's time for another transfer next week. So I'll let you know if I'm transferred or if a new companion arrives in Bato.

 Anyway. Thank you so all so much again for all of your prayers. Getting sick stinks. But I'm glad I got to learn from that experience. But it's so nice to be working again. :) Love you all and I'll catch you again next week! 

So we wore our companionship ties yesterday. I thought it was pretty sweet, but it doesn't really take much to make a missionary happy, so... 

-Elder Bondoc

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