Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mga Bata (Kids)


So what new things happened this past week? I feel like I was just here updating you all yesterday. Nothing new this week really. So after that huge storm last week, a lot of people here got sick. So my companion and I had the chance to visit the sick members. Even my companion got sick. Luckily, I didn't catch what's been going around. So we did work as usual. Oh! Mosquito bites have been at an all time high. I would say upwards of 5000 mosquito bites on my arms. Also I've been getting comments from members saying "Hoy Elder! Tumataba ka!" Translation- "Elder! You're getting fat!" That's what I get. Oh well. I have two years to lose it all and get fit, right?... Right? 

So the most memorable thing that happened this week is something that I've mentioned before in previous blogposts, but I'll mention it again because it's something that I hold really close to me. Kids. Every time we go proselyting, we get mobbed (and I mean MOBBED) by little kids, ages 3-8, who just crave for high fives. Missionaries here have a reputation here for giving perfect high fives. Every day we here the youthful voices of kids saying "Up here!" We then proceed to give as many high fives as we can while we continue walking. I love kids so much. Despite any challenges or problems, they always find something to smile about and to laugh about. They have a light about them that is just contagious. Nothing beats the feeling of getting a handful of smiles from kids. 

Kids are awesome. That's all for this week. I know it's a short update, but we haven't really had anything new happen. But yeah. Appreciate kids. We all were kids once and I know sometimes we all just want to return to those days. SO my advice for the upcoming week- Have fun! Smile! Be a kid again! Until next week everyone!

-Elder Bondoc

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