Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Big Challenge Ahead

So this week was the last week of my first transfer here in Bato. Let me tell you it was an absolute blast and I truly loved it. The people here are so amazing and I can't wait to continue the work here. This week we received word that an area in Bato was being closed and that for this upcoming transfer, the whole city will be the mine and Elder Marquez's responsibility. So during this transfer, Bato was divided in Bato A and Bato B, with two missionaries in each area. Now we have all of Bato. It's go time. I can't wait to see what's in store next. I can tell you it will be super difficult. Bato is HUGE. And we walk 99.76% of the time, so doubling our area with nothing but the two shoe express will definitely be challenging. But I'm so stoked. I can't tell you that I'm completely ready, but I'm ready as I'll ever be. And I know this will Bato progresses every week! 

Tagalog is coming more speedily now, I can finally understand and keep up somewhat of a conversation. We also had a zone community service project a couple of days ago also! We cleaned a local road.My legs were eaten alive by ants, but we still had a great time serving! Other than that, I can tell you that the most powerful thing that impressed on me this week was the reality of the gift of tongues. I can see God's hand in my learning of this language. It's been hard and still is hard no doubt, but I look back and I can see real progress. It can only go up from here! 

Most notable this week:
1. Only 5 ant bites on each of my legs
2. 2 brownouts instead of one every other day!
3. Community Service Project

​Iriga Zone CSP

Love you all! 

-Elder Bondoc


  1. I love reading about your experiences you are awesome! I remember you in my prayers each day! keep trackin'! :-)

  2. By the way, I am so sorry that I just caught up with your blog. I was in Peru (with Jason) for 35 days in June/July (lost my cell phone on our 4-day trek on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, but other than that, we had a blast!). I saw the new temple in Trujillo, Peru-quite a lovely temple! They dedicated it in June. I spent three weeks in July in Utah and California. Scott came home-Christa and her family also came, so I had a wonderful time with Asher and Luca.

  3. So glad to hear your Tagalog is getting better-in no time at all, you'll be fluent! The Spirit is there to help you learn. Just keep speaking it!
    I was in Peru for 35 days and I had a shocker-no one speaks English in Peru! Even our tour guides' English is a bit wanting. I was glad Jason is fluent in Spanish-otherwise, communication with taxi drivers, restaurant staff, and shopkeepers would have been next to impossible....

  4. Thanks for another week of inspiring experiences and observations. It's true that gratitude is the main key for us to remain humble and content with what we have-compared to other people in the world, Americans are rich! Anyway, I grew up without electricity and running water and it seems I was less of a whiner then than I am now. Thanks for the reminder and I am glad your Tagalog is getting better! Take care. I remember you in my prayers! <3