Sunday, August 23, 2015

Working Through Rain or Shine...but Mostly Rain

Hellllloooooo once again! Kumusta po kayong lahat? 

This week was awesome! It was super hard and super tiring, but man did I have a blast. So let me start with brownouts. This week we had an all time high of 9 brownouts. That's been exciting. Electricity is such a blessing so NEVER take it for granted. 

But this week was most memorable because of what happened on Saturday. So we started work on Saturday expecting it to be like any other day. We had heard news from members that there was going to be a bagyo (which is essentially this HUGE storm) headed for the Philippines. Thank goodness it wasn't really headed towards our area. Anyway, we started our day with a light drizzle in the air. So we arrived to our first appointment and began sharing our message. Then in the middle of the lesson it started pouring. Like POURING. The rain was so strong we couldn't hear each other speaking, despite the fact that we were all sitting about four feet from each other. So we finished the lesson in a yelling manner and waited a bit for the rain to stop. It didn't. We had other appointments and couldn't afford to miss them. So we walked, or I guess a better term would be trudged. So we got to our next appointment soaked or basang-basa as they say here. As we entered the house the rain stopped, which brought a glimmer of hope. We finished the lesson and set out again, hoping that the rain would and least pause for the rest of our evening. Alas, just as we walked out, down came the rain, even stronger than it had been earlier. So this pattern repeated for at least four lessons until we got home. We would enter a home and the rain would stop. Just as we would leave the home, the rain would begin again. Just our luck, huh? So after the second time I was just about fed up. My shoes and socks were absolutely drenched. So I took them off, put them in a plastic bag, rolled up my pants, and threw on a pair of flip flops.  It was awesome. I live for days like that. You wouldn't have been able to wipe the smile off my face. It was glorious. It was cold, wet, windy, and absolutely spectacular. 

So my message for the week, when rain comes down and it seems like all hope is lost. Smile for a second and understand that that's life. It's meant to be endured, yes, but even more importantly, enjoyed. 

Above is what I looked and felt like for the whole afternoon. Oh boy. Anyway. That's what's up in the world of Elder Bondoc! Love you all and talk to you again next week! 

-Elder Bondoc


  1. Welcome to the Rainy season-Philippines style! Things will only get worse as the month progress to September and then October. The lightnings and thunderous thunders are also rather scary-makes me cringe just to think about it! Glad you found a way to have fun in the drenching rain. Make sure you always wash and soap your feet well after they get wet outside-the PI is notorious for germs and infections. I'm sending some great natural oils for you to use to help ward off mosquitoes. Your mom will put the oils in the box she is sending you.'Enjoyed seeing your happy face. May God bless and protect you always. <3