Sunday, January 29, 2017

May Our Weaknesses Become Our Strengths


This is going to be another quick one. So Brother Owen was baptized this Saturday. That was cool. Sister Dianne, another one of our investigators, is being baptized this upcoming Saturday which is super exciting. We also have Missionary Leadership Council, Zone Training, and exchanges with Elders Powell and Christie this week which is super awesome. We had a district activity earlier this morning at the local institute building and totally had a budol fight which is pretty much just a big group of people eating food off of a banana leaf with their hands. It's awesome. It makes me feel like a real man.

So this week was super successful and super humbling at the same time. Something I really tried focusing on this week was connected to a verse in Ether 12:27 which says that we all have weaknesses and that only through Christ and being humble, those weaknesses become our strengths. Missionary work is so awesome. It really helps me understand who I am as a child of our Heavenly Father and what I can improve on. Such a blessing. Such a privilege. Until next week everyone! Thanks for everything!

-Elder Bondoc
The District.
Brother Owen's Baptism!

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