Sunday, February 5, 2017

Things Will Work Out


No time so this is gonna be quick. Sister Diane was baptized! That was awesome. We also had Zone Training. The missionary schedule has changed! We now have flexibility with our current schedule. Sweeeet. Overall a really good week, just like any other week. I'm also not being transferred. Elder Tabasin is being transferred, and I'm staying here for another six weeks! My new companion is going to be Elder Lanuza. Super stoked.

This week was awesome. I got to read a couple of talks by President Gordon B. Hinckley. He always had a great attitude and outlook on everything. He would always say "Things will work out." And it's true! No matter how hard life gets, in the long run, God's plan just unravels. Life is great. Hope you all have a good week! Until next week!

-Elder Bondoc
The baptism!
Cool sunset.

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