Monday, September 26, 2016

A Word of Wisdom

Hey Guys.

I don't have a lot of time so I'm going to make this a short one. We've been working a whole lot this week. We continue finding more and more people every day to teach which is awesome. It's been raining a whole lot lately too which makes for muddy shoes every day. But that's okay. It's one of the best things about missionary work here in the Philippines. Love it. I've been doing a whole lot of adjusting here in the city. Everyone's busy all the time, but we find ways to teach lessons and help people progress. We also had an interzone activity this morning. Our zone, the Canaman zone, and the Naga zone coordinated a huge activity that was comprised of about 40 missionaries. It was super fun. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK. 

Something I learned... Ummm. I think it's important to take care of our bodies. We have a responsibility as children of our Heavenly Father to take care of the vehicles of our spirits. If we don't not only will we feel gross every day of our waking lives, but through that we show Him that we don't respect this gift. In essence, go to bed on time. Wake up early. Don't take substances that you're not supposed to. Always eat your vegetables. Hope you all had a great week. I'll talk to you again next week.

-Elder Bondoc

Canaman and Naga Zones
We went on exchanges this week with the Calabanga District Leader. This is Elder Taylor, my temporary companion.
The four of us. 
This is actually super cool. During my mission, I had the chance to train a missionary. Then HE had the chance to train another missionary, which is this guy, Elder Zeta. In missionary terms, when you train a missionary or become their first companion, you become their tatay or dad and they become your anak.or son/daughter This is the anak of my anak making him my apo, or grandchild. :D 
Bush maze thing at the park that we went to earlier this morning.
Just me and a Philippines national hero, Jose Rizal, having a good lesson about politics. 

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