Monday, May 16, 2016

Project Calabasa (Project Squash)


SO this week was a pretty fantastic week. No joke. Elder Maquimot and I did some crazy finding. Let me explain. So over the past week, Elder Maquimot and I focused on some of our farther areas. Over the past five or six years, missionaries have been going to the same neighborhoods, to the same houses time and time again. Progression stagnated and led me to change our plans. So what Elder Maquimot and I did, we went to one of the FARTHEST neighborhoods, a barangay called Calabasa, or if translated in English, squash. Yeah. Kinda weird. ANYWAY, it takes us 45 minutes just to get there. But here's the thing. Every person we met (literally everyone) let us into their homes and let us share a message. It's been a nice change from regularly having doors slammed in our face. People are super duper nice and hopefully in the next few weeks we'll get the chance to share with them again. SO blessed.

Which brings me to my weekly "The Thing Elder Bondoc Learned." So I guess something I learned this week was how important it is do get out and do something new. So as missionaries, in all honesty, we do almost the same thing every day. We wake up, study, eat, proselyte, sleep, and then do it all over again. So every day, we find new things that bring joy and adventure in our lives. We literally adventure into the forest to preach the word of God. HOW AWESOME IS THAT. My life is greatest. Every day in this life, there's something new to discover and a reason to be in awe. I'm so happy that I'm a missionary. Oh yeah. This week will be my one year mark on the mission. One year from now I'll be back home. Crazy. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

-Elder Bondoc

Me, Elder Maquimot, and a less than pleased caribou of us taking a picture. 

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