Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day


So this week was awesome, mainly because I got to Skype my family again on Saturday. It was awesome to talk to them and just see their faces such a blessing. So here's something super cool guys, I go home in LESS THAN A YEAR which absolutely blows my mind. I cannot believe that I've been here for this long. One year down and a whole lot more to do. Onward and forward, This time next year, I'll be seeing all of your wonderful faces again. As for this week, what's been going on? Well a cat got into my bread again, which was awful. As you all know this far, in literally every area on my mission a feline felon has gotten into my bread supply. It has not been pleasant, but actually pretty funny. This week Elder Maquimot and I had the chance to walk about 3 miles in the blistering heat of the Philippines in some of our farthest areas to find new people to teach. It was great. Those super far areas have a lot of potential to progress. We'll see how everything goes next week.

Mother's Day- a time to respect and rejoice in all that is motherhood. On Saturday, I got the chance to Skype my Mom and greet her Happy Mother's Day. Before I entered my mission until now, I have realized how much I love and appreciate my Mom so much. I LOVE HER. Moms are the best. Promise. They sacrifice their everything for the well-being and safety of their children. I love my Mom and don't think I could even express how much I love her in a forty minute Skype session. To all the mothers out there, and specifically my own, you're the greatest. Know that you are appreciated and loved beyond belief. Everything you do doesn't go unnoticed. I love my Mom. If it weren't for her, I would literally not be in existence right now. Thanks for everything. You're all the greatest. One year down. Time to make these last few moments last. Until next week, everyone.

-Elder Bondoc

My beautiful mother and my not-as-beautiful but still pretty handsome father. 

This family asked me to cook spaghetti for a missionary's birthday. I don't know how to cook spaghetti. The end result was a masterpiece. 

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