Monday, May 23, 2016

Guess Who's Been On His Mission for One Year


SO I have SO much to say but so little time to say it so sorry if my thoughts seem super scattered. So here's the downlow. I've been on my mission for a year. That's right. I have now been in the Philippines for one year so in one year's time, I'll be going home. WEIRD. So in one year I've learned so much and can't say that I can put all of it in one email. I've been on some sketchy bridges. I've been rained on. I've learned a new language. I'm like a new me. It's great. The mission has taught me so much and I would never take this time back for anything in the world.

So now what can I say. I guess I can that something that I've learned in my one year of service as a missionary is how important it is to be open to learn and grow. I look back at myself as a missionary in my first year and can honestly say that I was a pretty prideful person. Sometimes we get this feeling like we're always right. That we know everything. But sometimes we just have to admit that we're wrong, and it kinda hurts. I do it daily. But we have to. I've seen so much growth in the work, myself, and in my companionship with every companion that I've had. Missions are great. Onward and forward until the end. 

-Elder Bondoc

On exchanges this week, we walked on this bridge in the pitch black. It was awesome.
Labo District... Being a District Leader is really a weird thing. 
One year nalang!

It was rainy. I wore plastic bags over my socks so my feet wouldn't get wet. Not even sorry.

A fashion disaster.

Our district activity this week at the church. Totally killed it. 

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