Sunday, March 27, 2016

Guess I Can Check "Harvest Rice" Off My Bucket List

Kumusta po kamong gabos?

So this week was super incredible. Last Tuesday, four of us missionaries got to (prepare yourselves for this one.)


Yeah, you read that right. We got to harvest rice, like real Filipinos. One of the members in our ward needed help so we gladly asked her if we could have a community service project in their "palayan" or rice field. It's really REALLY hard. If you don't get the angle of the sickle right or if you hold the "palay" the wrong way, you might end up slicing your finger off, but don't worry. All my appendages and digits are in good condition. I can honestly say that all ten fingers are fully in tact. It was a blessing to see first-hand the "field" and how "white it is, all ready to harvest" We also found some new investigators this week that are already progressing so much! Anyway, the downer for this week... We were supposed to have a baptism this past Saturday, but due to unforeseen and unexpected circumstances, the two who were supposed to be baptized couldn't show up. BUT! We're not letting that let down our spirits. In the Lord's time, things will work out. I guess it just wasn't the right time for them. 

This week I learned a whole lot about Jesus Christ and His Atoning Sacrifice for all of us. Sometimes, even as missionaries, I don't think we entirely understand the magnitude of Christ's Atoning Sacrifice for us. Imagine for a moment every soul that lives, has lived and still has yet to live. Christ knows them. He knows us. Sometimes, in a world of trying circumstances and unimaginable trials, it's easy to feel alone. With Easter having just passed yesterday, I can surely say without a single doubt in my mind that you are not alone. There is someone who knows every pain you've experienced and is willing to stand by your side every step of the way in this journey that we call life. Cool, right? Christ lives. He lived, He suffered, He Died, and on the third day, He rose again for the benefit and salvation of mankind. I love being a missionary and sharing this beautiful gospel. I hope you all had a fantastic week. Thanks again for all the love and emails. You're the greatest! I'll talk to you all again next week.

-Elder Bondoc


​I guess you could say that I really am a professional rice harvester. 

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