Sunday, March 13, 2016

As Important as the "What" is, What's More Important is the "Why"

Marhay na hapon sa indo gabos!

Hello world! Hope your week was awesome, as always. Thanks so much for the emails. You guys are truly the best. Anyway, let's get right to it. This week was absolutely awesome. Elder Duero and I continue to grow and learn every day from each other and from all of our experiences. What's something weird that happened this week? Hmm. OH! So before we left for church yesterday, there was this HUGE (and dead) gheko in right outside our front door. We had no idea where it came from or how it died. But there it was just lying there. Dead. Like a doorknob. If a doorknob could die. Other than that, I guess I'll just give a quick review of this week's weather. Ready? 


Yeah that about summarizes it.

But what I learned or realized this week (because there is ALWAYS something to learn here on the mission) is how important it is to know the "why" of things. Let me explain. So as missionaries, we are asked and expected to follow certain mission rules and live a certain way. We CHOOSE to follow certain rules and live by specific standards without anyone breathing down our neck telling us "Do this," or "Do that." I've found that as my companion and I work every day, as we strive to become worthy servants of the Lord, it all becomes easier and more fulfilling to know WHY we're missionaries--to know WHY we serve others and WHY this work is so important. I'm serving a mission because I know what I teach and what I live are true and of God. We can even relate this to everyday life outside of the mission. Every day we're faced with a countless number of choices to make-- what to wear for the day, what to eat for dinner, or to an even greater extent, what major we might choose to study, what career path we might choose to follow, or who we choose to be that special someone. Whatever the case may be, we must know the why--the reason that backs up all of our decisions and what impact those decisions might have in our lives. Sometimes it's hard. It really is. And sometimes there is a small something that holds us back from reaching our potential. But I promise you that if we truly ponder the why of things, I know that we will find greater success in everything that we do, either here on the mission or outside of the mission. It's such a blessing to be a missionary. I know WHY I'm here. I love it. When I look two steps ahead and see the potential that those we teach can reach, I do everything in my power to help them grow. I love being called Elder. I love being a missionary. Thank you for all your emails! I'll catch you next week!

-Elder Bondoc

​So a little background information behind this picture. Our investigators were being interviewed in order to know if they are really prepared for baptism. While my companion and I were waiting for their interview to finish, we just waited. I saw this butterfly. I was bored. So I tried catching the butterfly with a tabu-tabo or like a little bucket thing with a handle that we use to scoop (grammar?) water. Anyway, to no avail, I had no success in catch the butterfly. Just because you're a missionary, doesn't mean you can't be silly, right? Please disregard the flamboyant pose. I was in the zone.  

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