Monday, July 4, 2016

Salvation Never was Easy


Hey everyone. This week was cool. Last Saturday we had a one day mission where eight missionaries of our district and members of the Labo ward got the chance to work together with the objective of finding less-active members of the Church. It was a lengthy, tiring, and, most importantly, fulfilling to meet new faces who aren't new to the Church. It hardly rained this week too which was such a blessing. I can hardly believe how much progression we've seen in Labo in my short time here. It's such a blessing and I'm sure to see much of the Lord's hand in the work we're doing here. That and we got to have a district activity this meeting at some waterfalls in our area which was awesome. It was a good break from 24/7 work. I love our district. They're the best.

But on to the weekly lesson I learned... It actually has to do with our salvation. So this week we got to teach a lot about our Heavenly Father's Plan of Salvation and how we can eventually obtain eternal life. With that, I also studied Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's talk entitled "Missionary Work and the Atonement." In the talk he frankly states that missionary work is hard. It's not all happy all of the time and that it quite frankly takes a whole lot of effort to get a small amount of success. In the grand scheme of things, that's how life really is. Christ knows it. He knows us specifically and individually. So in order to receive any degree of salvation or success in this life, we have to work for it. There's no other way. God has prepared a way to save his children, but it's up to us to show if we're truly willing to follow Him and put Him in our lives. Salvation isn't and never will be an easy goal to obtain, but once we get there it will be how gratified and blessed we will be. I love being a missionary. That's all for this week. I'll talk to you all again next week too! And oh yeah. Happy July 4th. Go America.

-Elder Bondoc

I <3 Labo
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