Monday, October 10, 2016

Boys, Be Ambitious!


So this week was cool. It was a really busy, rainy week but full of miracles (as always.) We've been swamped with paperwork and meetings this week which has kept us from working a little bit. BUT NO MATTER! We've found ways to teach lessons as much as we could and found some great success. Other than that... Ummm. We're also moving into a new apartment this coming Saturday. We've been looking for an apartment for weeks now, almost every day... And JUST found an apartment this last Thursday. We're moving in and couldn't be more excited. My companion is awesome. Missionary work is cool. Life couldn't be better.

So something that I learned this week has to do with a talk given by Elder Kazuhiko Yamashita of the Quorum of the Seventy. He briefly mentioned the history of Dr. William Clark, an respected educator in the late 1800's who happened to find himself teaching for eight months in Japan. Before he left, he said the words "Boys, be ambitious!"--"Be ambitious for Christ." So that's what we do as missionaries. We find success in our ambition and desire to achieve that success, ESPECIALLY when it relates to our Savior. I know that He helps and guides us every day in everything that we do when we are living in accordance to His will and commandments. We have to aim high and do our part, and Christ will help us do the rest. We can't go about life without His help. I know it. Missionary work is thrilling. I don't think I've completely wrapped my mind around the fact that I'm still here doing the Lord's work. I love it. In everything we do, may we be ambitious, selfless, and dedicated. Christ will be there to support us. 

Thanks for all the emails. I'll catch you guys next week.

-Elder Bondoc​​​​​​​​​​

Pictures for our Zone Calendar. 

Only cool missionaries wear glasses.

My favorite fruit on the entire planet called mangosteen. 


  1. thank you Elder Bendoc. I look forward to reading your blog every week; Johnny only has one month to go and we will terribly miss haveing him in South Africa.

    1. Sis Smalley. That is exciting that Elder Smalley is coming back home in one month. How time flies. We are glad to hear that you get the chance to read Ben's blog. Our missionaries are a blessing to us. Thanks - Bondocs