Monday, June 6, 2016

Adventure Time, Round 2


Hey guys. So it's been a rainy week and the absolute opposite of last week. So here's what went down. Instead of us being punted out of our mind, we got a lot of really good lessons and have a lot of potential of progressing. HOWEVER, we got dumped on by the tears of the skies. I mean it. And even better, I remembered my umbrella. So despite the whole "I'm prepared. I'll NEVER GET WET!" mentality, we got POURED ON. I loved it. When we walk on rainy days, our shoes make this squishy noise that can't really be described. Loved it. And we also had a lot of planned and unplanned appointments! That was awesome! Blessings are a real thing. 

So one thing I learned today is how important it is to just accept change and go with the flow of things. Yesterday, we and some other missionaries discussed what we could do to help the Labo Ward progress even more. We decided that it would be a benefit for the whole ward and the work if we gave the sister missionaries some of the our areas that are closer to the center of the city while they gave us the farther areas that haven't been visited by missionaries in a long time because the areas are just so far. So to put it simply, Elder Maquimot and I are starting at zero again. We have about 6 or 7 new neighborhoods. I'm super excited. It's a challenge and actually kinda sad to give up some of the areas that we've worked so hard on. But that's a part of life. Adjusting every day... Missionary life is the coolest. I hope you all had a great week. Thanks for the emails again! I'll catch you all next week!

-Elder WetFeet

The "gubat" or jungle. I am now a certified adventurer.

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