Sunday, February 28, 2016

Happy March!


I CANNOT believe that it is already March. Time is flying by SO fast, I can't even really grasp the fact that I've been on my mission for 9 months. Weird. Anyway, this week was awesome, just as every week here on the mission is. We've met many new people who are so interested in the message that we have to share. It rained super hard a couple of days ago and our shoes got SOAKED. It was great. Nothing like wet and muddy shoes to end a day. What a super fulfilling feeling.

But this week I learned how important companionship unity is in missionary work, and eventually in life as a husband and a wife. So here on the mission, we're required to be with our assigned companion for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with exceptions when it comes to bathroom breaks and showering. But I've found that when I'm with Elder Duero or any of my other past companions, the work progresses if we work in harmony, despite our differences. Isn't being a spouse also like that? To the husbands and wives who are reading this, I TOTALLY understand (okay well not totally... but you get the point) and respect you. You tolerate one another, respect each others' differences, and most importantly give your unbounded love to one another. We do that here on the mission too, in a more Christlike/brotherly sort of way. Elder Duero is an awesome companion. He's such a great missionary and I know he has potential to be a VERY effective servant of the Lord. Hope your week was great. Stay classy. Stay rad. Read the Book of Mormon. It's true. Love you all!

-Elder Bondoc

*NOTE- Sorry no picture for this week. We're at a computer shop that doesn't let us plug in our USB's. Next week for sure!

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