Sunday, January 10, 2016



Hello everyone! This week was awesome. I can't really explain everything that happened.. quite frankly because it's the same thing that we do every day. We walk about 4 hours every day to get to and from our proselyting area. Which is great. (It's hard to express sarcasm in words so just bare with me here.) Anyways, it's been a tiring week but a super fulfilling one. Elder Almario and I have decided to push ourselves to our limits and try to teach as many people as we can and meet as many people as we can. It's hard, but I know we can do it. So here's something cool that happened. Two days ago, Elder Almario and I decided that we would try our VERY best to attain all our goals for that given day. We did and it was probably the most fulfilling feeling in the world. So after our last appointment, it was time to go home. It was about 7:30 PM and we were beat. Ahead of us lay a 2 hour walk back home which seemed impossible. Around that time, the road is absolutely empty. No vehicles. Just us and the stars. SO we started our trek. Not five minutes in, a public transportation vehicle pulled up next to us. The driver proceeded to yell "Der! Sakay na!" which translates to "Elder! Hop in!" What a blessing. The 2 hour walk turned into a 15 minute break. 

This week we talked to a lady who is now 85 years old. She's hilarious. She is also easily startled. For example, I could probably startle her about 12 times in about 15 minutes, without her expecting it. Sometimes we even tease her and every time we do she shouts "AY KABAYO!" which is absolutely hilarious.I don't know her name because we just call her "Nanay" or "Mom." Anyways, she walks about four miles every day just to say hello to her great grandchild and sometimes does it without shoes. The road isn't paved and super rocky. She's really a trooper. But yeah. When an 85 year old without shoes would be willing to walk four miles just to say hello to her great grandchild, I wonder what I would be willing to do for my family. We struggle every day and sometimes take for granted those who raised us and are always willing to be there for us. I love my family and would do anything for them and I know how important families are. That's why I'm here in the Philippines. I want to testify that families truly can be together forever. 

Anyways, that's all for this week. Hope you all have a great one and I'll talk to you again next week!

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