Sunday, November 8, 2015

If You Want to Know How My Week Was, See the Attached Picture


So I couldn't think of a witty title for this week's post, so to effectively describe how my week was, just see the picture below.


ANYWAY, this week was awesome. This week we had the chance to work with some of the young single adult members of the branch here in Bato. It's an absolute privilege to work with members who have a desire to help us as missionaries. I'm so glad that some of them also have a desire to serve missions! Even though the work is physically trying at times, they didn't waiver. We trudged through rice fields as always and continued on with our appointments. I'm also very thankful for the members here who are kind enough to feed us when we don't have food or aren't as good as them at cooking. We are super lucky. My umbrella stayed in tact this week, too! 

So this week I a little something about humor and how important it is in my life. So a lot of the times when we teach, more often than not, the mood of our lessons becomes serious. I'm not saying by any means that that's a bad thing. But sometimes a little laugh or two helps invite the Spirit into our lives. I testify of that. A sense of trust is built when we share a laugh a two with a classmate or colleague, right? That same principle applies here. I love laughter and making others laugh. Maybe I'm obnoxious. Maybe I overdo it just a little (or way) too much. But as long as those who I associate myself with are happy, I too become just as happy. 

 "They won't notice a thing.."

If rice plants had faces, they would look like this. 

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  1. I love this photo! 'Glad you haven't lost your sense of humor despite being sick with the dengue fever. Thanks for brightening my day. You rock!!!